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Hiya all,

Just writing this quick message to let you guys all know that there may be some delays between episode updates for the next fortnight.

I’m heading overseas tomorrow morning for a short, two-week trip to Japan. :D

I had planned on writing up episode reviews two weeks in advance, so I could just post them daily while I was away, but got completely snowed under between work and trip-planning. >.>

However! I will not go AWOL on this mission. lol. And I will catch up on all reviews after I return (if not catch-up on some while I’m away) on December 2nd. We were due to be at episode 32 by that date, so I’ll post up multiple reviews if I must to get back on schedule.

In the meantime, though, you can follow my holiday at http://treksandtracks.wordpress.com/, which is currently blank until tomorrow. ;)

’til then, see ya on the other side of the ocean.


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Caption That! 005 (for Dragon Ball ~ Episode 005)

Caption That! for Dragon Ball ~ Episode 005

Can you think of something to caption this screen shot from episode 005?


Post your caption below.

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Caption That! 004 (for Dragon Ball ~ Episode 004)

Caption That! for Dragon Ball ~ Episode 004

Can you think of something to caption this screen shot from episode 004?

Post your caption below.

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Caption That! 003 (for Dragon Ball Episode ~ 003)

Caption That! for Dragon Ball ~ Episode 003

Can you think of something to caption this screen shot from episode 003?

Post your caption below.

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Caption That! (for Dragon Ball ~ Episode 002)

Caption That! for Dragon Ball ~ Episode 002

Can you think of something to caption this screen shot from episode 002?

Post your caption below.

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Dragon Ball ~ Episode 014

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 014

Original Title: “Gokū no Raibaru? Sanjô!!” (悟空のライバル?参上!!) (“Goku’s Rival? Appears!!”)

FUNi Title: “Goku’s Rival”

Original Air Date: 1986/05/28

English Air Date: 2001/09/06

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Review: With gang now separated and going off in separate ways, Goku is on his own once more and heading for Master Roshi’s island, though he makes a pit-stop at home to gather some of his belongings.
Meanwhile, Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong and Puar crash land their plane in a forest and are left stranded, with no more capsules vehicles to fly or drive away. The forest quickly starts to get to Bulma, with dinosaurs passing by and something else howling nearby, and the group runs away on foot – not that they have a choice in the matter… although the howling they hear is actually that of a little, bald boy running through the forest.
Goku reaches Master Roshi’s in no time, but no one replies when Goku calls out. He peeks through a window to see Roshi watching TV, who completely oblivious to Goku’s attempts to get his attention as he is mesmerised by the women’s aerobics show playing on it (The dirty old man… XD). Goku finally breaks him out of his spell by screaming in Roshi’s ear, to the man’s shock. Goku says that he’s there for the training Roshi offered, but Roshi, still distracted by the TV, tells Goku to wait, pointing to the refrigerator when Goku complains that he’s hungry.
Goku goes to town on the fridge, loving the coolness of the machine. Roshi, TV show over, comes to find the little boy, Goku’s lying on the kitchen floor, pants unbuttoned with his belly sticking out, and the fridge empty. After Roshi asks what Goku’s there for (yep, he forgot. >.>), Goku reminds him that he offered him some training… Roshi’s disappointed that Bulma didn’t come along too.
Speaking of Bulma, she and the others are trekking across a desert (hey, this is familiar) and have been going in the wrong direction. The little boy from the forest runs by, and the gang mistakes the cloud of sand churns up behind him for a sandstorm.
Back at Roshi’s, the old man tells Goku that his training doesn’t come for free – Goku must find a pretty girl who Roshi can date. Goku’s only too happy to do it, and runs to get started, but Roshi holds him back for a moment to make sure the kid understands what Roshi wants (in the Japanese version, Goku says it’s “a man without a winky and a lot of spunk”. Bahaha) and Goku replies that he thinks it’s someone who can be Roshi friend. But Roshi’s more particular than that; he want a girl that’s not too young or too old, with nice skin (J~ And is voluptuous.).
While he’s waiting for Goku to return, Rosh smartens himself up and puts on some music to dance to. Goku returns with a girl the size of a small planet – rejected. Roshi decides that Goku needs to learn about more important things than martial arts – women. So he shows Goku two pictures of wo different woman and tell Goku to pick the one he thinks is prettier… but Goku likes both, so Roshi points out the one he likes and tells Goku to find someone similar. Again, Goku runs off to find a another girl.
Meanwhile, the little boy running in the forest and desert is in a boat not far from Roshi’s island.
When Goku returns again, he brings with a really beautiful woman. Roshi thinks she’s perfect and tells Goku to ask the girl to go on a walk (J~ give up her panties) with him. She won’t go on a walk (J~ she’ll give him her tshirt) but she will go swimming with him (J~ she can’t give him her panties because she’s not wearing any). Roshi burst a nosebleed. It’s just too good to be true, so he goes to introduce himself… and realises that she’s a mermaid. He tries to pick her up anyway and gets a smack for his trouble. Roshi sends Goku off again… before Goku can go though, a boat appears on the horizon –  it’s the little bald boy from earlier.
The boy jumps from the boat all the way to the beach, landing head-first in the sand. Goku plucks him out of the ground and sets him upright. The bald boy makes a bee-line for Roshi and introduces himself as Krillin. Krillin wants Roshi to train him too, but Roshi declines… until Krillin hands over a men’s nude magazine, which Roshi avidly accepts. While Roshi gushes over the magazine, Krillin sizes-up Goku, who apparently doesn’t seem like a martial artist to Krillin. Goku just thinks Krillin’s head looks funny, to which Krillin snappily replies that all true martial artists shave their heads, gesturing to Roshi as a comparison. But Roshi comes out of magazine-induced haze long enough to say that he himself is naturally bald.
Roshi tells Krillin that he will train him, but only if he helps Goku find Roshi he girl he asked for, trusting that Krillin knows the kind of girl Roshi’s looking for. Krillin tries to ride the Nimbus cloud with Goku, but he falls straight through it – he’s not pure enough. He reads dirty magazines, and they’ve corrupted him… enough for Nimbus to reject him at least. Krillin hands the magazines over to Roshi, to the old man’s delight.

Characters Introduced: Krillin

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, Roshi.

Favourite Moment: A line from the Japanese version this time; Goku’s description of a girl.

Score: 3 of 7

Final Thoughts: I’d like to give this one a higher score, what with Krillin’s first appearance and all, but this episode is kinda slow-moving and really just amusing more than anything.

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Dragon Ball ~ Episode 013

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 013

Original Title: “Gokū no Dai-Henshin” (悟空の大変身)    (“Goku’s Great Transformation”)

FUNi Title: “The Ledgend of Goku”

Original Air Date: 1986/05/21

English Air Date: 2001/09/05

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Review: Now that Goku has seen the full moon and has revealed his giant monkey (pause here for laughs) form, he goes on a confused rampage (a la King Kong); tearing apart Pilaf’s castle (waking the would-be emprorer, along with Shu and Mai) and nearly crushing his friends under his feet.
Pilaf orders Shu and Mai to get rid of the beast, but the best plan they can think of is to throw various homewares (toothpaste, slippers and a pillow… seriously, guys? Wth?), and Goku attacks them. While he’s distracted, Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar, all make a run for it. Pilaf and the other do the same, and they fly away in a small plane.
Goku doesn’t notice Bulma and the others sneaking by as he continues to take the castle apart, piece-by-piece, but he manages to stop them anyway with falling debris, a chunk of which strikes Bulma and injures her leg, making her unable to walk. Oolong tries to carry her, but she weighs too much for him lift and he tells Yamcha to take her instead… who hesitates, embaressed (Yep, the horror of letting her become monkey kibble pales in comparison to terror caused by touching a girl. Go Yamcha!)
Goku sees them as poor, poor Yamcha tried to make a decision, quickly closing-in on them, but just as Goku is about to catch them, Yamcha hoists Bulma under one arm, Oolong and Puar under the other, and takes-off running.
Pilaf and the others are circling overhead, watching as Goku takes on the job of a very efficient bulldoser, when Pilaf cracks and orders for Mai to fly them back down to try and save what’s left of the castle and defeat Goku.
Yamcha hides, out of breath. Bulma’s embarassed as well now and makes her presense known, and Yamcha pomptly throws her (and Oolong and Puar) away from him in shock (lol!); he can’t believe that he actually touched a girl and was fine (was expecting to self-combust or what?).
Pilaf descends, firing the plane’s machine guns at Goku, though the bullets have no effect on him other than make him angrier, so they fire a missile at him instead, which knocks him flat on his back and doesn’t move again – they all think he’s dead…
Pilaf, Shu and Mai get back on the ground to check out their handiwork, Pilaf crying that his castle is gone because of Goku, so the little twit kicks him… and wakes Goku up. They tear away again in their plane, but Goku is faster, pitching a piece of castle at them and knocking them out of the sky, Bulma nd the others sent running for cover as falling debris rain down around them once more.
Not knowing what else to do, Oolong suggests that they take shelter until the morning and hope that Goku reverts back to normal, but they can’t go anywhere, as Bulma is trapped under a chunk of broken rock. Yamcha frees her with some difficulty, and Goku tracks them down yet again, snatching Bulma off of the ground before she has a chance to escape. She screams, howling at Goku to put her down, but promptly faints once she gets a good, close look at his fangs.
Yamcha’s about to rescue her when Puar repeats some information they learnt a little while back; that Goku’s weak point is his tail. Yamcha fashions himself a sword made of stone with the help of his Wolf Fang Fist attack (Rogafufu-ken) and attacks Goku’s tail, trying to sever it, while Goku has a taste of Bulma, giving her a lick (I could add a dirty joke here, but… I’m sure you can think of something). Yamcha’s sword is useless against him, however, and it shatters on contact.
Angered, Goku flicks his tail around to keep it out of Yamcha’s reach, but Yamcha grabs ahold of the fur on his tail and hangs on for dear life while Goku thrashes around. Bulma wakes up screaming, and Oolong and Puar grab a hold of Goku’s tail as well. Strangely, Goku stills, seemingly unable to move. Taking advantage of the moment of quiet, Yamcha tells Puar to transform into a pair of scissors and cut off Goku’s tail, thinking it will paralyze him. Puar does, and with a single snip the tail is gone.
Goku drops Bulma and begins to shrink, returning to his normal form in no time at all – minus his tail (and clothes), of course. He falls asleep almost instantly.
Looking on from a distance, Pilaf is even angrier than before knowing that it was Goku transfomred that destroyed his castle, he blames Shu and Mai for not killing Goku sooner… though it’s really his own fault. Finding a pair of guns in the rubble, he gives them to Shu and Mai and orders them to take revenge on Goku, but he runs in the opposite direction and leaves them to it… they don’t fall for his crap, running after him into the night.
The next morning, Goku’s still snoring away while the others sit and reflect on the night’s events. Yamcha’s quite happy that they aren’t still trapped in Pilaf’s oven-turned-jail, but Bulma’s a little more subdued; thinking of Goku’s grandpa Gohan and how they should absolutely not tell him that it was he, in his great monkey form, that trampled the old man to his death: it would break him.
Oolong’s just baffled by the whole lot, wondering out loud what Goku is if he’s not human – some kind of alien (*sniggersnort* Oolong’s a bright one.) perhaps? Yamcha thinks it doesn’t matter: without his tail Goku will be normal no matter what – no more transforming.
When Goku wakes up, he’s shocked to find himself naked. He doesn’t remeber anything about the night before. Oolong loans Goku his pants so the kid isn’t entirely naked, though now Oolong is in his underwear and a singlet… while Goku is trying on the pants he inexplicably falls over, and he doesnt understand why. Then Yamcha points out his missing tail…
Poor Goku can’t believe that his tail is gone. He checks himself over to make sure it really isn’t there, then shrugs, saying he’ll have to wait for it to come back, to the terror of the others. Goku also can’t find his power pole (Nyoibou), and Yamcha directs him to the demolished castle. The boy runs over to look for it, tripping all the way with his now offset balance.
Bulma, Yamcha, and Oolong wonder what they’re all going to do now that they have to wait for the Dragon Balls to reappear. Bulma and Yamcha think to themselves about their wishes – Yamcha’s girl phobia, Bulma’s boyfirend – and how long they have to wait before they can summon the Dragon again, then look at each other with mutual realisation dawning… (Yeah, the “OMG, you’re the answer to my wish!” kind of realisation.)
Goku returns with his pole to see Yamcha and Bulma dancing with eachother and grinning like escapees from an insane assylum. Bulma says that she and Yamcha are going to go back to the city together and invites the other come along as well, but Goku declines, explaining that he wants to go and train with Master Roshi. Goku suggests that they all meet up again in a year to search for the Dragon Balls again, but Bulma says they don’t need them anymore, give Yamcha a side-long glance. The air start laughing again, to Oolong’s disgust.
Goku wonders how he’s going to find his granpa’s Dragon Ball if he doesn’t go and look for them with Bulma and her radar, so she gives the device to him.
After saying their goodbyes, the group fly away together in one of Yamcha’s capsule gadgets (a plane this time) while Goku takes off on his Nimbus. Each going their seperate ways.

Characters Introduced: Nil. Nada. Zilch.

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, Pilaf, Shu, Mai.

Favourite Moment: I can’t really choose, there were several in this ep that I loved, but… I guess I’ll choose Goku double and triple-checking his rear for his tail, then shrugging like it’s nothing. Seriously, he just had an appendage removed… O__o;

Score: 6 of 7

Final Thoughts: This episode brings an end to the Pilaf Saga. You can be sure that the climactic endings of each saga are always going to draw higher episode scores out of me, but I really love this episode. Hmmm, SO! On to the Tounament Saga we go! :D Who knows which new (and eventually long-standing) character will be introduced in the next episode? Clue: He’s bald. (And that’s not really much of a clue considering half of DB’s later cast is bald (see TFS for details. lol), but you should be able to guess. :P)

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