The start of something… not so big.

THE MISSION?: To watch the entire Dragon Ball anime series, from episode #1 of Dragon Ball to episode #64 of Dragon Ball GT, including all movies, shorts, and specials.

OBJECTIVES?: To completely watch all Dragon Ball series’, movies and specials, over the course of (at most) 508 days (508 being the total number of episodes), and blog a synopsis of each episode with a review and my thoughts of it. Everyday.

HOW?: Watch at least one episode each day until I run out of material to watch/blog.

WHY?:  Three reasons…

  • #1: Because, during the original television run of the series, I missed many episodes of Z and saw very little of DB at all. I want to refresh my memories…
  • #2: Because blogging each episode is a fun outlet for any built-up of mental-energy I have, and I have a lot of that. Believe me… and it also may give you a chance to have a laugh over my inane and sometimes hilarious ramblings of certain plot-points that occur throughout the series…
  • #3: Because I can.

SUBS OR DUB?:  Both. Sometimes I’ll watch one episode dubbed, another one may be subbed, or maybe I’ll watch one episode over twice so I can watch it with both subs and the dub. I’ll surprise you.


RELEASE? (Not the orange brick, I hope…): No, no… no orange brick.

  • For DB, I’ll be watching the Remastered (Blue brick) edition.
  • For DBZ, I will watch the Dragon Box edition.
  • For GT, I’ll use the Remastered edition.
  • And, for the movies and specials, I’ll watch the double/triple pack (of 4 pack in DBs case) remastered editions.
  • All of the above are the official Funimation DVD releases.

As for any extra releases that have not been localized (Goku’s fire safty, etc.) I will hunt up downloads for them. ;)

WHY SHOULD I CARE?: Because, if you liked (or still like) Dragon Ball as much I used to (and will again after all of this), maybe you would like to join me on this long journey and relive some long-lost memories… either that or you can troll me for doing this thing. Whatever the case is, I hope you’ll take this blog for what it is (a bit of fun) and hopefully come with me for the ride.

ALRIGHT! So, when do you start?: SOON! Most likely, I will review the first episode of DB at the start of November. So make sure to bookmark this blog and come back soon!

But, to start off with… here’s a (controversial) poll.


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