Dragon Ball ~ Episode 002

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 002

Original Title: “Arararaa! Tama ga Nai!” (あらららー!タマがない!) (What the…!? No Balls!)
FUNi Title: The Emporer’s Quest

Original Air Date: 1986/03/05

English Air Date: 2001/08/21

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Short Summary: Goku and Bulma continue their quest to find the Dragon Balls. Stopping for the nigth to rest, Bulma shows Goku some of her fantastic technology
(a capsule-kept house, electricity, television) and forces him to take a bath. Bulma is embarassed by his nudity, until she realises with shock that Goku’s tail is very much real. Goku goes hunting, inadvertantly hindering Mai and Shu’s search of the Dragon Balls. The next morning Goku is shocked to find that her ‘balls’ are gone.
The duo meet turtle, a (you guessed it) turtle. Who is lost. And the pair decide to help him get bac to the ocean.

So, the story continues in episode two. Goku and Bulma stop to rest for the night, Bulma showing-off some of her Capsule technology in the form of a small house, complete with electricity, lights, television, and bath.
Goku thinks it’s all black magic, and that Bulma must be a witch, trapping people in the television set, but Bulma calmly explains otherwise, noting that Guku reeks at the same time (How the hell did she not notice he stank when he was riding on her bike with her?).

Bulma makes him take a bath, washing his hair for him, much to Goku’s confusion.

Bulma then goes to wash Goku’s back and is shocked to find that his tail is not an accessory, but a real tail that is very much attached to his body. Bulma remains in shock while Goku explains to her that all boys have a tail, and she can’t disagree; she’s never seen a boy naked, so how could she know if it was true? (Isn’t Bulma supposed to be a genius? Anatomy books are above her head, I guess…)
Bulma takes a bath herself shortly after, only to be disturbed by Goku when he offers to scrub her back for her. Bulma tells him to get out, because she’s a girl it’s a completely different situation to washing him. Goku reckons she embarassed because she doesn’t have a tail, and Bulma runs him from the room with a barrage of bathroom products.

Meanwhile, Pilaf is lamenting the fact that only has one Dragon Ball (the one-star ball) in his possession and not all seven. Shu has failed to bring him a second. Shu questions Plaf’s intentions to gather the balls to rule the world, enraging Pilaf, who rants and raves that he has all of the abilities needed to rule the world, and works himself up into such a huff that he farts. Pilaf pins the fart on Shu to save himself the embarassment. He strings the fox up and threatens to chop him up with a chainsaw until Shu admits (falsely) that it was him.
Agent Mai interrupts them, reporting that she has heard word of the location of something that may potentially be a Dragon Ball in a place calle Skull Valley, it seems that one of their agents dissapeared shortly after reporting tha he saw a bright glow in the valley. Pilaf send Mai and Shu off to invetigate.

Back at the capsule house, Bulma and Goku are eating dinner. But Goku hates the food and decides to go out hunting for something better. While out hunting, Goku sees Mai and Shu flight over head in an ultrlight aeroplane, though he thinks ithe plane is a bird.
Maind Shu land nearby and go in search of the light that they hope is a Dragon Ball, though the place is filled with the bones of hundreds of creatures and the pair is thoroughly freaked out.
Goku bounces in, telling them to go away because he saw the bird first (the plane) and wants it for himself, but before anything more can happen, dozens of eyes begin to glow in the dark.
A pack of wolves emerge and atteck them, with Goku facing them down.

Mai and Shu escape, flying away in their plane, only to have Goku chase them down and knocks them out of the sky. Upon tracking them down, Goku realises his “bird” isn’t edible and instead return to Bulma with a centipede and a wolf, which roasts on a spit over a fire, much to Bulma’s disgust.

As the pair prepare for bed (Goku is to sleep on the floor) Bulma asks Goku about his parents and grandfather. Goku says he doesn’t know what happened to his parents; his grandfather found him as a baby in the forest, all alone.Bulma suggests that he doesn’t have to keep his tail (some dogs have theirs docked) and Goku laughs, saying Bulma shouldn’t have let her own tail be taken off since she not a dog.
When Bulma goes to bitch him out, she finds that he’s already asleep. She thinks he can’t be human, considering the way he acts.
The next morning, Goku wakes before Bulma, who is still snoring loudly with her blanket twisted around her, and Goku hops up into bed with her, only to notice her shocking lack of… balls
He screams, waking Bulma, and tells her that her balls are gone! Bulma thinks he means the Dragon Balls, but finds them all where they should be, Goku staring at her in horror the whole time.
After he recovers from his shock, Goku heads outside to train by smashing rocks… intil he picks up a turtle.

Turtle is lost and has been lost for a year, looking for the ocean. Bulma checks her maps and tell him the he’s still a long way from the ocean, so Goku offers to carry him. Bulma fumes that they don’t have time to rescue a lost turtle, and tells him to go on his own. She can find the Dragon Balls without his help.

Bulma quickly changes her mind when she realises that there are dinos and other beasts around, and she doesn’t want to be alone. So she chases them down.
And they head off, tutle in tow (or on back), on their next adventure.

Characters Intoduced: Turtle

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Plaf, Shu, lackey (named as Mai).

Favourite Moment: Bulma, your balls are gone!

Score: 4 of 7.

Final Thoughts: Cute episode, but really just more for fun than trying to move the plot along. Though I know Turtle is a long-standing character.



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