Dragon Ball ~ Episode 004

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 004

Original Title: “Hitosarai Yōkai Ūron” (人さらい妖怪ウーロン)   (Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster)
FUNi Title: Oolong the Terrible

Original Air Date: 1986/03/19

English Air Date: 2001/08/23

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Short Summary: Bulma and Goku help free a terrorised town of a “terrible monster” named Oolong, in exchange for the six-star Dragon Ball.

Review: Now with four Dragon Balls in their possession, Bulma and Goku are tracking the fifth when they notice that their balls are glowing; signalling to them that the fifth is very close.
Lead to a small town with the help of Bulma’s Dragon Radar and Goku’s good eye, they find the place deserted, so Goku goes door-knocking in the hope of finding someone there, but they find that no one is answering.
Goku breaks-in to one house and is attacked by its inhabitant with an axe… though the axe shatters against Goku’s thick head, leaving an aching lump.
The man apologizes profusely for attacking him, saying that it was a foolish thing to do but he’d rather die than have his daughter taken away. He begs Goku not to take her – it’s a case of mistaken identity though, as the farmer believes Goku is a creature name Oolong.
The townsfolk gather to see what all the fuss is about while the farmers daughter, Pocowatha , tends to Goku’s battle scars (lol), amazed that he isn’t dead, considering he just got hacked in the skul by an axe.
Soon, the talk turns to Oolong; Oolong is a fearsome beast that has tormented and terrorized the town, treating them like slaves. Oolong has the power to take on any form he desires – which is why they mistakenly taken Goku for the creature. Thy don’t know his real identity, but Oolong takes their daughters – three in total – and now he wants a fourth.
Goku offers to trap him, but the farmer turns him down; telling him its impossible.
Questioning Bulma and Goku about their reason for coming to their town, Bulma fills them in on their search for the Dragon Balls. An old lady in the crowd comes forward, stating that she has the ball they’re after but she won’t just give to them.
Striking up a deal to get rid of Oolong and rescue the missing girls in return for the Dragon Ball (while Goku goes around patting woman down to check if they’re girls), they decide to do a bit of espionage; dressing Goku up as a girl to entice Oolong into to mistaking him as Pocowatha and taking him to where the other girls are being kept.
Right on cue, Oolong shows up, and he doesn’t suspect anything is wrong until Goku needs to pee. Mistaking Goku’s shiver for fear, Oolong transforms in a handsome man instead. Bulma instantly swoons and throws herself at him (yep, she’s the brains here).
Just as Oolong is trying to decide who to take Pocowatha (really Goku) or Bulma, Goku steps away to take a leak against a nearby tree… which Oolong sees and instantly cracks a fit, transforming into a bul (in the English dub, why the hell has he suddenly gained a Spanish accent? I get the toro reference, but seriously…)
The clock in ton strikes three, and Oolong suddenly runs off, saying there’s somewhere he needs to be. Goku hunts after him, only to meet a someone else; a pig (which is actually Oolong).
Oolong sends clueless Goku off on a wild goose chase.
Aparently for out benefit alone, Oolong explains his transformations; he can only hold a form for five minutes, so he has to keep changing. And he refuses to stay in his natural form because girls don’t like it.
Goku can’t find the Oolong he’s looking for, returning to ask Olong himself (in his natural form) where he went. Oolong has to wait before he can transform again, but the moment his time comes he changes into a huge robot (With chopstick and soup in hand) and tells Goku that he’s going to eat him.
Before he can attack, however, a young boy from the town slingshots a rock into the back of Oolong’s head.
Goku doesn’t think Oolong is a strong as he says, Oolong asks why he thinks that and Goku says its because his grandpa taught him karate. Challenging him to show his strength, Oolong gives Goku a stack of bricks to smash, which he does with just one finger.
Oolong transforms again, this time into a bat, and flies away in fear. Goku follows him on Nimbus. Olong tries to outfly him as a rocket, but he runs out of time and fall as himself.
Goku saves him and brings him back to town to interrogate him for the whereabouts of the girls he took; they’re in a huge house outside of town, which Oolong obtained and payed for by ripping people off.
As for the missing girls, Oolong took them originally but then they stayed by will – spoilt by all of Oolong’s wealth. Oolong had hoped the girls would cook and clean his house, but they’re just lazy, so he begs for the townsfolk to take them back.
All’s well that ends well and, per their deal, Bulma and Goku recieve the six-star Dragon Ball as a reward for helping them. Now they have five. of the seven that they need.

Characters Intoduced: Oolong.

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, (no Pilaf and co in this episode)

Favourite Moment: Olong flipping out over Goku peeing on a tree while he still thought he was a girl.

Score: 4 of 7

Final Thoughts: Yay! One more ball! Now I know how Bulma and Goku originally met Oolong. Also, no Pilaf scenes this time, oddly. Not that I mind the missing the scenes of his inevitable failure, Team Rocket style.



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