Dragon Ball ~ Episode 005

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 005

Original Title: “Tsuyokute Warui Sabaku no Yamucha” (つよくて悪い砂漠のヤムチャ) (Yamcha, The Strong Yet Cruel Desert Bandit)
FUNi Title: Yamcha the Desert Bandit

Original Air Date: 1986/03/26

English Air Date: 2001/08/24

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Short Summary: Goku, Bulma and Oolong hit a few snags on their travels; losing Bulma’s capsules, and running in to Yamcha the bandit and his sidekick Puar.

Review: With only two more Dragon Balls left to find, Goku and Bulma (and now Oolong too) are travelling along a ricer on their way to Fire Mountain.
Constantly on fire and the home of the Ox King, supposedly the strongest man in the world. It’s the last place that Oolong wants to go, so he makes an attempt to escape (as a fish) before they reach Fire Mountain, but Goku strips off and dives in after him, though he doesn’t catch the cowardly pig. Bulma fishes him out with a pair of panties with much better luck (the pervert).
Hitting a snag, their boat runs out of fuel, Oolong changes into a paddle to get them to shore. They haven’t got much further to travel before they reach the mountain, but Bulma realises that her capsules are missing; they (or just Bulma, at least) are stranded there. During the confusion, Oolong gives them the slip, not that he gets far; Bulma slipped him a “vitamin” earlier, which makes Oolong’s stomach revolt on him whenever someone calls him like a pig, and he’s reduced to squatting in the bushes.
Goku thinks it witchcraft (my God, he’s superstitious), but quickly understands with Bulma scientific (Not.) explanation, and uses his newfound power against Oolong with amusement.
Basically under control with his new akilies heel, Bulma (using Goku’s idea as her own) makes Oolong turn into a motorcycle for her to ride in leu of her missinng capsule vehicles, but the idea falls flat when it becomes obvious that Oolong cant carry her weight — and he can;’t hold the form for more than five minutes anyway.
He does suggest that Bulma could carry him instead though, changing into a pair of panties (safe to ay that she slaps him to the ground)
Later, traveling on foot, the three of them reach a desert. Bulma’s having some issues (to say the least) with the heat, so she crawls into the shade of a rock and promptly falls asleep. But they’re being watched…
Meet Yamcha and his sidekick Puar. Yamcha is a bandit, calling himself the master of the desert, and demands that our travellers hand over all of their money and capsules. Strangely enough, Oolong and Puar know eachother from Transfomation School; Oolong used to bully Puar.
Asking again for them to hand over their money and capsules, Yamcha is met with resisitence as Oolong tells Yamcha to skidaddle and threatens to sic Goku on him if he doesn’t. Of course, Oolong ends up hiding away when Yamcha draws his sword… Goku doesn’t want to fight him, but ends up fighting back to defend himself anyway, disabling Yamcha out quite easily with his Nyoibou. Yamcha recognises the pole as that of Gohan, and vows to take it from Goku to obtain its power for himself. He attacks Goku with mercy and puts him out of commision.
Oolong tries yet again to run for it, only to be stopped this time by Puar.
Goku’s furious now, and challenges Yamcha directly. A scuffle ensues and Bulma is finally awakened by the rack their fight makes… Yamcha sees her and freezes in his tracks, red faced, and runs away; he has trouble with girls.
Later, Yamcha is humiliated; running away because of one girl. He promises himself that he will get over his fear of girls and will track them down again to finish what he started.
And so ends episode five.

Characters Intoduced: Yamcha

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong

Favourite Moment: Panty fishing. lol

Score: 4 of 7

Final Thoughts: Really, this a pretty uneventful episode, but even so, this is the first time Yamcha and Puar (both long standing characters in the DB series) are introduced. It’s funny to see Yamcha’s personality at this point, because he’s quite different later-on…

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