Dragon Ball ~ Episode 006

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 006

Original Title: “Mayonaka no Hōmonsha-tachi” (真夜中の訪問者たち) (Midnight Callers)
FUNi Title: “Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls”

Original Air Date: 1986/04/02

English Air Date: 2001/08/27

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Short Summary: Everybody wants the Dragon Balls, and everyone is getting in everyone else’s way in their paltry attempts to nab them.

Review: I have to say, first up, that it’s kinda incredible that we already have five Dragon Balls under our belt, especially considering how hampered Goku and Bulma’s progress has been times, but only a week has passed (both in series and irl) and here we are… >.> Hmmm…

While Yamcha and Puar are plotting their next attempt to mug Bulma’s capsules, our trio are hunkering down for an evening meal in Oolong’s own capsule campervan, and Bulma’s hankering for a bath, after their desert-trekking day. Outside, Mai and Shu have tracked them down and are trying to stick a live bomb to rhe underside of Oolong’s van when Yamcha interrupts them as he himself closes-in on the them, though he doesn’t see Pilaf’s crew. Then Shu sticks the active bomb to his hand (paw?) by accident…
Yamcha spot the van and decides it would be a good steal. The girl (Bulma) is an issue though; they have to get her away from the van long enough for Yamcha to take it and not be effected by her… gender? Female-ness? Pheromones? Just her. Inside, Oolong is concerned (Must be psychic, eh?) that Yamcha is going to come back and atteck them again. Goku isn’t too worried about it, and Oolong reckons that’s because he doesn’t have anything worth stealing. Goku pulls out his four-star Dragon Ball to show it. (The dub here bugs me, because Oolong is actually trying to convicne Goku not to go to Mount Fryingpan and asks what they’re going there for, so Goku tells him about the balls… ffs Funimation, what the hell?)
Bulma’s taking bath while all of this is happening, mind you, and Yamcha’s crouched against the outside of the vehicle. Guess what he sees when he spies in through the window… Now somewhat taumatised, Yamacha overhears Goku relaying the story of the Dragon Balls to Oolong and (lol, lightbulb moment!) Yamcha has the brilliant idea to take the balls to wish his shyness with the opposite sex away. Puar is confused; shouldn’t Yamcha wish for money and power? Yamcha is actually quite offended by this, saying that if that’s what Puar thinks of him then the little cat really doesn’t know him very well, dispite having known eachother for two years. What he wants is to get ovee his inability to talk to girls so he can one day get married! (This is sounding awfully familiar… oh wait, I know why…)
Oolong drugs both Goku and Bulma so he can nad the Dragon Balls without a problem (Once again, the Japanese version has Oolong stating that he’s going to feel Bulma up in her sleep. Different much?)
Back to Shu and Mai; Shu can’t deactivate the bomb stuck to his hand, but he manages to reset the timer on it to 8am the next day.
With Goku and Bulma down for the count, Oolong is looking for the Dragon Balls (really pulling the blankets of Bulma for a peek) when Yamcha bursts into the van. Puar shapeshifts into a bad replica of Goku (while the real Goku sleeps on unawares) in a bid to lure Oolong and Bulma out so they can take the Balls themselves. Oolong covers up Bulma, and changes into his own (terrible) replica of Bulma. Now there are two imposters on the loose and neither of them realise who the other is. After Puar leads Oolong outside, Yamcha, thinking the coast is clear, goes to hunt up the Dragon Balls… under the blanket the real, sleeping Bulma is covered with…
Puar reveals himself to Oolong outside, and Oolong returns the move — a shock to both of them — just as Yamcha’s scream pierces the night; he’s just discovered a (once again, naked) sleeping Bulma hidden uner the sheets.
Yamcha stumbles away in a daze, Puar hopping to his rescue. Oolong stays up the rest of the night on guard for Yamcha’s return while Goku and Bulma sleep off their drug-induced comas.
Next morning, Oolong’s still on guard, rifle in hand, when Goku and Bulma rise at last.
Shu’s managed to dislodge the bomb, and now it’s been atached to the van with very little time to spare…
The trio (with Bulma now dressed in a bunnysuit) finally get on their way, though Yamcha is hot on their heels with a rocket launcher. He takes out the van, bringing the trio to a halt. Yamcha demnds the Dragon Balls and is promptly refused. A fight breaks out between he and Goku, Yamcha loosing a tooth in the scuffle, and Yamcha runs off with his tail between his legs.
Nursing his wounds, Yamcha decides that he and Puar will wait until the other have collected all seven Dragon Balls before attacking again, then they’ll make sure they get them once and for all.
Goku (carrying an unconscious Bulma; the result of the van attack) and Oolong continue along on foot, meanwhile, Shu and Mai find Oolong’s ruined van and mistake the damage to for being made by their bomb… sure enough, it blows up in their faces.
Yamcha catches up to the trio to give them a capsule car, since he destroyed their van, but he’s really just making sure they collect the last two balls, and the car has a tracking device installed so he can find them again when they do.
And off we go again…

Characters Intoduced: None! This is a first…

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, Shu, Mai, Pilaf

Favourite Moment: (I seem to be favouring the perverted scenes so far. lol) Of course, I laughed when Yamcha accientally copped a feel of Bulma’s bosom while she was unconscious. Poor kid…

Score: 5 of 7

Final Thoughts: This is a laugh-worthy episode, but really, it’s just more plot-delaying filler-ish conent, even though this is almost an exact replica of chapters nine and ten of the manga. XD



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