Dragon Ball ~ Episode 008

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 008

Original Title: “Kame-Sen’nin no Kamehameha” (亀仙人のカメハメ波) (The Turtle Hermit’s Kamehameha)
FUNi Title: “The Kamehameha Wave”

Original Air Date: 1986/04/16

English Air Date: 2001/08/29

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Short Summary: (I’m not going to bother with these anymore. It’s just duplicate information you read in the review anyway.)

Review: Once reaching Roshi’s island, and after some introductions, Chi Chi doesn’t believe that Roshi is the real deal, and attacks the old man in the hope of provoking some kind of show of his ability (because, children, if in doubt, attack first and ask questions later!). Chi Chi actually lands a hit on Roshi, thus proving to her that he isn’t the real Roshi- until he shows her his ID card, which clearly states that he is exactly who he is supposed to be.
Goku and Chi Chi request the Basho fan, but Roshi has a request of his own; in return, he wants Goku to convince Bulma to go on a date with him (In Japanese says he wants a feel of her breasts, mind you). Turtle’s up in arms, calling him pathetic.
However, Goku says that it’s fine (Seriously, Goku?).
When Roshi goes to retrieve the fan though, he can’t find it! At one point he was using it as a placemat and spilt something on it, so he threw it out. He doesn’t have it anymore. Oh dear…
So, Roshi decides to come along with Goku and Chi Chi back to Fire Mountain to out the fire himself. He follows along behind them riding a spinning, flying tortoise, named Gamera, all the way.
Later, back at Fire Mountain, Goku and Chi Chi arrive first and relate their trip back to Bulma, Oolong and the Ox King; but they believe Roshi took them for a ride; then Rohi shows up.
Ox greets him happily, though Roshi bereates him for having such a bad reputation – slaughtering people over some stupid treasure – he didn’t teach him to be like that! Ox apologises profusely and promised to change his ways.
Roshi isn’t finished yet, however, and berates him further, dissapointed that Ox coouldn’tput the fire out on the mountain on his own.
Roshi nudges Goku and makes him tell Bulma about their agreement – Bulma is disgusted to say the least – but Roshi threatens to leave if she doesn’t agree. So she agrees, reluctantly, and Roshi gets her to pinky-swear on it. (My god, what is wrong with old men in anime…)
Roshi sets about putting out the fire with a brilliant of energy – the Kamehameha. And, with that, the fire is gone… along with the entire mountain and Ox’s castle; reduced to pile of rubble.
Bulma tracks down the Dragn Ball in the castle remains while Goku asks is Roshi would teach him the Kamehameha. Roshi says he will, but it will take the boy fifty years to master. Goku can’t believe it and plays around with the pose and words in denial… and actually pulls off the move on his first try and destroys the car that Yamcha gifted to them, though his attack is no where near the same power as Roshi’s.
Ox says he wouldn’t expect anything less of Gohan’s grandson and Roshi is a little shocked; he didn’t know that Goku and Gohan were related at all, but now that he knows, he does remeber Gohan telling him of a a little boy with a tail. Roshi offeres to train Goku in Gohan’s place after hearing that his old student had passed away.
Yamcha’s still in hinding, watching the going’s on from afar whilst plotting how to take down Goku and get the Dragon Balls.
With another Dragon Ball under their belt, Goku, Bulma and Oolong move to leave, now with another new car (gifted to them by the Ox King), when Roshi shouts that Bulma hasn’t made good on her promise yet. So Bulma forces Oolong to shapeshit into her form and take her place. Oolong takes his role too far when he takes of his top for Roshi’s benefit, to the real Bulma’s disgust.
Back at the car, Goku and Chi Chi are saying goodbye, and Chi Chi asks if he’s ever going to think about her again (In Japanese she asks if he’d marry her), and Goku says he will.
And off they go again, now to find the seventh and final Dragon Ball, with Yamcha following close behind.

Characters Intoduced: None. D:

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Pura, Chi Chi, OX King, Roshi, Turtle

Favourite Moment: Oolong shapeshifting into Bulma’s form for Roshi. Nosebleed moment, lol.

Score: 5 of 7

Final Thoughts: Six balls down, one to go, and we all know that Pilaf has the last one, so we know that a confrontation isn’t far off.


Blech… am currently suffering from some image host issues. More pics (and caps for episode 007) coming soon… or as soon as my host stops being finicky.


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