Dragon Ball ~ Episode 009

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 009

Original Title: “Usagi Oyabun no Tokui Waza” (うさぎオヤブンの得意技) (The Rabbit Boss’ Special Technique)

FUNi Title: “Boss Rabbit’s Magic Touch”

Original Air Date: 1986/04/23

English Air Date: 2001/08/30

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Review: Only one Dragon Ball remains, and the trio are traveling in a forest of giant mushrooms on their way to a small town nearby, they’re almost ouf of fuel, and Yamcha and Puar are still tailing them (though Yamcha’s intrests are clouded as he admires Bulma with embarassment)
Reaching the town, the trio finds the inhabitants are scared witless of Bulma, giving them free fuel and capsules without a second thought. Bulma thinks it’s just because she’s pretty, but the truth of the matter is the fact that her bunny outfit closely resembles that of the uniform of the local Yakuza/Mafia gang, The Rabbits. The moment she removes her bunny ears, no one pays her any mind.
Two members of the Rabbit gang walk through town as the trio watches-on in shock; the the Rabbit boys steal food, turn over food vendors supplies, and attack the townsfolk without remorse. The pair sees Bulma and walk over to hit on her, she’s unimpressed with their efforts, and makes fun of their rabbit ears. They draw a gun on her, so Bulma asks Goku to step-in, who takes care of them without a fuss.
One of the gang members isn’t out yet though, and calls for his boss over a radio. The townsfolk barricade themselves into their homes in fear of the Rabbit gang’s boss’ arrival.
After a little while, Boss Rabbit turns up and he’s… quite literally a rabbit. His goons point him towards Goku and the others, and Rabbit is furious; his men got beaten up by a little kid? Yamcha watches the exchange from nearby, thinking that this Rabbit person is familiar to him somehow.
Rabbit hops over to the trio, asking to shake their hands, and Yamcha suddenly remembers why Rabbit is familiar to him; Rabbit is the user of a special technique called the Usagi Ninjinka, which can turn anyone he touches into a carrot. Bulma smacks Rabbits hand (paw?) away, but that one little touch was more than enough to turn her into a carrot. Goku and co. can’t believe it, and demands he turn her back to normal.
Oolong tells Goku to use his Nyoibou to attack Rabbit — because he won’t have to touch him then — but Rabbit threatens to eat the corrotified-Bulma if Goku comes any closer. Goku doesn’t know what to do, and Oolong runs away.
Rabbit sics his men on Goku, who lets them beat him out of fear of Bulma being harmed. Yamcha steps-in and Puar turns into a bird to snach carrot-Bulma away from Rabbit.
Yamcha beats up Rabbit’s men so Goku can take care of Rabbit, but Rabbit’s off chasing down Puar, trying to get a hold of carrot-Bulma with little luck, until Puar crashes into a tree and drops the carrot. Yamcha and Goku very nearly come in to contact with Rabbit, who then threatens to turn Puar into a carrot as well… until Puar shape shifts in to Rabbit’s doppelganger and tried to touch him. Goku hops in and smashes Rabbit over the head with the Nyoibou, and threatens to do it again until Rabbit turns Bulma back to normal, which he does…
Yamcha runs off just as the real Bulma reappears, saying that he still can’t handle being around her (despite his earlier bashful mumblings about her looks and voice).
Goku ties up the Rabbit gang while Bulma reprimands Oolong for being a coward. Goku thinks of a good punishment for the Rabbit gang — he extends his Nyoibou until it reaches the moon and leaves them there, with the condition that if they make enough rabbit sweets (Mochi) he might bring them back to Earth.

Characters Introduced: Boss Rabbit, and the Rabbit gang.

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar.

Favorite Moment: The Rabbit gang being taken to the moon. There’s a great Japanese culture reference here, as, like we in the west see the face of a man in the moon, the Japanese see a rabbit pounding mochi, which is a gelatinous Japanese sweet made with rice flour. This is what you see the gang doing on the moon; two men pound the rice flour mixture while a third turns the mix in between pounds. Look it up on youtube; there are some great videos of the real deal there.

Score: 4/7

Final Thoughts: Dispite my raving over the Mochi reference, this episode once again puts the trio, along with Yamcha and Puar, on yet another detour; slowing their progress to reching the final Dragon Ball, and confronting Pilaf. However, not for much longer…


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