Dragon Ball ~ Episode 010

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 010

Original Title: “Doragon Bōru Ubawareru!!” (D.B.うばわれる!!)  (The The Dragon Balls are Stolen!!)

FUNi Title: “The The Dragon Balls are Stolen!”

Original Air Date: 1986/04/30

English Air Date: 2001/08/31

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Review: Yamcha is still tailing the trio as they travel out into the middle of nowhere, honing-in on the seventh and final Dragon Ball (I laughed at the dub’s Yamcha shouting “Soon I will wish away my fear of women!”)
Pilaf is holding a meeting of sorts, holding Mai as a near-hostage as he demands that she make a Dragon Ball detector for him, with the threat looming that he will feed her to his pet aligators if she doesn’t. He keeps counting down to the moment he throws in  with the gators, but she keeps distracting him, making him lose his count and start over. Shu shows up, and Pilaf starts pestering him for information on the Dragon Balls, but he has nothing to report.
Mai fixes the Dragon Ball locator device thingy (my god, this thing is huge compared to Bulma’s radar) and it instantly displays that there is a Dragon Ball closeby — which turns out to be the ball they already have. However, they’ve been tracking Goku and the others with a mechanical bird.
Mai and Shu go out to meet the trio head-on as they approach.
Meanwhile, Oolong is trying to convince Bulma to change her wish, but she won’t hear it, and they end up pulling over to have it out (with Yamcha, Puar, Mai and Shu all watching nearby) until Bulma plays it dirty and calls out Oolongs magic words. Fuming, Oolong gets back in the car to continue driving, but they are attacked by Shu before they can get moving.
The car is destroyed, and the trio is thrown aside. Shu starts taking digging through the car in his mech-suit to for the Dragon Balls and finds them easily (there’s only five in the case though, what the hell?), bounding away with them.
Bulma howls for Goku to retrieve them, and he rushes off on the Nimbus after Shu. Goku finds the mech-suit empty, Shu having taken to the skies in a plane with Mai, on their way back to Pilaf’s castle. Goku tries to reason with the empty suit, not realising what it is, then attacks it, knocking it to the ground… he pokes with his Nyoibou and declares it to be dead.
Back at the attack site, Oolong is still trying to convince Buma to change her wish, offering to be her boyfriend if she does. An offer that is quickly turned down. Goku returns, without the Balls, and Bulma breaks down into tears, crying that they’ve probably already summoned the Dragon, until Goku tells her that he’s still got one of the Balls (ohhhh, THAT’S why there were only five…). Bulma hugs hims happily.
Bulma, confidence renewed, takes up a leader role for all of five seconds to declare that they still have the Dragon Radar, and they should all get in the car and get moving… then Oolong points out the obvious; that their car was smashed. Bulma tuts him, saying that she bought new ones at the last town (remember the freebies she got when everyone thought she was a member of the Rabbit gang?) but… oh dear, they were in the bag with the stolen Dragon Balls. Ooops… so she starts crying again.
Yamcha, still watching from the wings, finally reveals himself, putting aside his girl-phobia to help then get the Dragon Balls back (for himself, of course). Bulma instantly begins flirting with him. Once the get moving, Bulma needs to check the Dragon Radar for the Balls’ location and get Yamcha and Puar to close their eyes while she does, though poor Yamcha thiks that Bulma”s going to kiss him. And he’s actually dissapointed when she doesn’t… though he can’t handle it when she tried to placate him after by rubbing her check up against his.
Pilaf now has the five balls the gang collected, but he mistakenly counts six and begins celebrating… until Mai and Shu point out his mistake. The four-star ball is missing. Of course, Pilaf takes out his anger on Shu and Mai. Then their Dragon Ball locator signals the approach of the seventh ball. Pilaf can hardly believe his luck and sets a trap for gang and their single ball.
The gang reach Pilaf’s castle, slightly in awe of the place, while Yamcha has a metal-breakdown out of relief in getteing away from Bulma for a moment. They enter the castle to find it dark inside, are attacked by bats, Bulma hugs Yamcha out of fear and he shoves her away, red-faced. Continuing along, they trigger a booby trap that sees walls, ceiling and floor closing in on them. Yamcha save Bulma from being crushed, and Goku, in turn, saves everyone else, smashing the stone as it appears. Bulma hugs Yamcha again in thanks, who screams like a girl and starts hyperventilating. (You’d think she was ging to kill him…)
Pilaf starts throwing a fit that the traps aren’t working while the gang gets further into the castle, sidling along the walls as they follow blatantly obvious arrows that lead them into a dead end. Which is closed off. Trapping them.

’til the next episode!

Characters Intoduced: None!

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, Shu, Mai, Pilaf.

Favourite Moment: Hmm… probably Yamcha’s panic attacks. Seriously, why is this guy so amusing? He’s freaking annoying later-on in the series… maybe it’s because he turns into a comic relief character and he’s feeling a bit sorry for himself. Oh well… I’ll enjoy him while he’s here and still a main character.

Score: 5 of 7

Final Thoughts: We’re on the last stretch of the Pilaf Saga now, with only three episodes to before we begin the Tournamet Saga. *Sigh* it’s been fun. However, next episode is the appearence of Shenron (or Shen Long)! Can’t wait.


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