Dragon Ball ~ Episode 011

Dragon Ball ~ Episode 011

Original Title: “Tsui ni Doragon Arawaru!” (ついに龍あらわる!)  (“At Last, the Dragon Appears!”)

FUNi Title: “The Penalty is Pinball”

Original Air Date: 1986/05/07

English Air Date: 2001/09/03

Runtime: 24 minutes.

Review: First up, what the hell is up with the Funi title of this episode? The Japaese title made sense for this ep, so what the hell?
Shu and Mai are digging through Yamcha’s car looking for the final Dragon Ball, while Goku and the others are trapped in Pilaf’s castle. Goku’s not particularly worried, though he really doesn’t uderstand the other’s problem.
Pilaf is watching the group disucussing their options via his castle’s serveilence cameras when Shi and Mai return to report that they could not find the ball. Putting two and two together, Pilaf relises that one of his captives must have the Dragon Ball with them (In Japanese, there’s a quip from Mai, who says that one of them must be hiding the ball between their legs)
Meanwhile, in their prison, Goku and Yamcha are trying to break down the walls (in a game of rock, paper, scissors, on the Japanese track) with little luck. Pilaf addresses the group through a monitor on the wall (which Goku asks if he could dive through, thinking its a window), introducing himself at long last. Bulma shouts at him, furious that he took the Dragon Balls from them, and he retorts that he hasn’t got all of them, then demands they hand over the last ball – which Bulma refuses to do.
Deciding that he’ll force it out of her, Pilaf takes Bulma from the room through a traphole in the ceiling with a mechanical arm, asking again for her to hand over the ball. Bulma flips him the bird, so Pilaf blows her a kiss… wait, what? Yes, apparently Pilaf thinks that kisses are the most torturous thing you could do to a person, and Bulma (and me right along with her) laugh in his face (In Japanese, she suggest he could do more “perverted” things to her that would work better, but he’s disgusted by her, telling her that she’s lewd).
Pilaf dumps her back in the prison with Goku and the others, Pilaf whinges that his treatment of her was useless (In Japanese, Shu says that girls are more progressive in this day an age. lol) so Mai suggests they gas the group and search them while they’re out cold — which works perfectly. Pilaf goes in to retrieve the ball and is gassed himself… Mai takes up the task and finds the ball on Goku (it’s his four-star ball of course).
Later, after Pilaf reawakens, he marvels that all seven balls are now in their possession, which now glow with a golden light… Bulma reawakens as well and begins shreiking once she realises their only Dragon Ball is gone. She wakes up the others (giving Yamcha an eyefull of her cleavage in the process) crying all the while… no one notices that they’re no longer trapped until Puar points out the open side of the prison. They hurry along and run straight into Pilaf and his cronies. Bulma asks if Pilaf’s made his wish yet, to which he shakes his head then runs for the hills, the others snapping on his heels.
They lose sight of Pilaf for a moment and come to a several splits in the corridor, all branching out in different directions. While they try to decide which way to go, Pilaf launches another trap, sending them all into a huge pinball machine (oh, look, there the episode title… I still like the Japanese on more) and are bounced around the board… they quickly find the exit, but are chased down by a pinball controlled by Pilaf (a la Indiana Jones). Eventually, they escape, and are led to an Asian styled room, only to find the pinball there waiting for them then, running away, are cornered; a dead end in the path they had been following with the ball bearing down on them… it stops just before hits them, and Pilaf drops a wall to barricade them in – they’re back in the same room they were trapped in earlier. Pilaf takes a moment to laugh in their faces before leaving to make his wish.
Bulma is crying again, and Yamcha tells Goku to use the Kamehameha to help them escape. Goku agrees, but wonders how Yamcha could know about the Kamehameha…
Outside, Pilaf is ready to summon the Eternal Dragon…
Goku blows a hole in the wall with his energy beam; it’s not big enough for them to escape through, but it’s big enough for Puar to squeese through, and Yamcha asks her to turn into a bat and fly down to Pilaf to steal just one of the Dragon Balls – just to stop him from making his wish. Bulma sends Oolong along after Puar to help her…
But before anyone can stop him, Pilaf summons the Eternal Dragon.

Characters Introduced: The Eternal Dragon (yes, I know his name is Shenron/Shenlong, but the heroes don’t know that yet.)

Returning Characters: Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar.

Favourite Moment: Mai’s ‘balls’ comment in the Japanese language track. It’s just… wrong… lol

Score: 5/7

Final Thoughts: Finally! Shenron is here! And the outsome of this quest will be decided in the next episode! See you then~


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