Just a little update…

Hiya all,

Just writing this quick message to let you guys all know that there may be some delays between episode updates for the next fortnight.

I’m heading overseas tomorrow morning for a short, two-week trip to Japan. :D

I had planned on writing up episode reviews two weeks in advance, so I could just post them daily while I was away, but got completely snowed under between work and trip-planning. >.>

However! I will not go AWOL on this mission. lol. And I will catch up on all reviews after I return (if not catch-up on some while I’m away) on December 2nd. We were due to be at episode 32 by that date, so I’ll post up multiple reviews if I must to get back on schedule.

In the meantime, though, you can follow my holiday at http://treksandtracks.wordpress.com/, which is currently blank until tomorrow. ;)

’til then, see ya on the other side of the ocean.


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