The Mission

THE MISSION?: To watch the entire Dragon Ball anime series, from episode #1 of Dragon Ball to episode #64 of Dragon Ball GT, including all movies, shorts, and specials.

OBJECTIVES?: To completely watch all Dragon Ball series’, movies and specials, over the course of (at most) 508 days (508 being the total number of episodes), and blog a synopsis of each episode with a review and my thoughts of it. Everyday.

HOW?: Watch at least one episode each day until I run out of material to watch/blog.

WHY?:  Three reasons…

  • #1: Because, during the original television run of the series, I missed many episodes of Z and saw very little of DB at all. I want to refresh my memories…
  • #2: Because blogging each episode is a fun outlet for any built-up of mental-energy I have, and I have a lot of that. Believe me… and it also may give you a chance to have a laugh over my inane and sometimes hilarious ramblings of certain plot-points that occur throughout the series…
  • #3: Because I can.

SUBS OR DUB?:  Both. Sometimes I’ll watch one episode dubbed, another one may be subbed, or maybe I’ll watch one episode over twice so I can watch it with both subs and the dub. I’ll surprise you.


RELEASE? (Not the orange brick, I hope…): No, no… no orange brick.

  • For DB, I’ll be watching the Remastered (Blue brick) edition.
  • For DBZ, I will watch the Dragon Box edition.
  • For GT, I’ll use the Remastered edition.
  • And, for the movies and specials, I’ll watch the double/triple pack (of 4 pack in DBs case) remastered editions.
  • All of the above are the official Funimation DVD releases.

As for any extra releases that have not been localized (Goku’s fire safty, etc.) I will hunt up downloads for them. ;)

WHY SHOULD I CARE?: Because, if you liked (or still like) Dragon Ball as much I used to (and will again after all of this), maybe you would like to join me on this long journey and relive some long-lost memories… either that or you can troll me for doing this thing. Whatever the case is, I hope you’ll take this blog for what it is (a bit of fun) and hopefully come with me for the ride.

ALRIGHT! So, when do you start?: SOON! Most likely, I will review the first episode of DB at the start of November. So make sure to bookmark this blog and come back soon!


What do you have to say about that?

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